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Latina Boss Talk February Ed. Presents: Am I Enough

Updated: Mar 19

Have you asked yourself lately, am I enough? It's a daunting question many of us have in our heads living rent free aside from thousands of other thoughts and insecurities. This month Latina Boss Talk is encouraging you to shed light within , digging in, to learn what you truly think about yourself.

What does "enough" mean to you? It is a very subjective idea. Everyone has a different answer to this. As a businesswoman in the wellness industry, I have heard many of my clients reflect on this question and, over the years, have listened to different responses. For example, I am not enough for my children, and I don't do enough for myself.

Now I can't tell you the answer, but I can say that being consciously aware is an unmeasurable tool that will ultimately help you find your way and lead you to a life that produces the right surroundings for you. In my own journey, I have made difficult decisions to eliminate environments that did not suit me. Not because I didn't care for the people in my past but because I cared about what the outcome would be for sticking around with the past and, most importantly, because I put my best interest first.

Here's an example of an extreme step I took. I went on a solo trip and challenged myself to do a 7-hour hike to reflect, and guess what. I found my extreme self-love, I shed my old self and found out that I am and always have been enough. Listen in to learn more about my solo trip battling my thoughts in the Arizona desert- just me, nature, and my overwhelming thoughts.

On Friday February 23rd I will continue this theme and share how I found my fiancé through intentionally wanting to find my true love.

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