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Lisa Dominguez is the Founder & CEO of Spa O, Spa O Skin Care, and Empowered with Lisa. She began her entrepreneurial journey at  the age of 23 through a partnership as a spa co-owner, later establishing her own spa, formally known as Spa O On The Go, in 2014, which evolved into what is today Spa O. Lisa has been in the wellness and beauty industry for over 16 years and has immense experience, which she relays at her premier luxury and chic spa in Secaucus, New Jersey. 


Fueled by her passion for bringing people peace, relief, and self-love, Lisa sought the lifestyle of business and tirelessly worked toward her vision which eventually led her to success. As a first-generation American Latina, and mother of two, Lisa knows and has experienced the hardship firsthand. 


Today, she has dedicated herself to sharing her journey and tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs pursuing a career in the wellness and beauty industry. As a leading businesswoman, Lisa has excellent insight. Through her platform, Empowered with Lisa, she plans to reach, inspire and help guide the way for women of color and others taking the journey of business ownership. Together with her fiance and blended family,  Lisa's mission continues to reach more fearless, ambitious next generation bombshells and grow stronger. 


" Education and guidance are instrumental, and we are more powerful together. Let me share my wisdom, and you make it happen because if one of us wins, we all win."-Lisa Dominguez

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